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Phantagrafix's Guestbook

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MYNOK - 17.12.10 17:54
Great work! I like your style!
Greetings, Mynok/Felix
imn01 - 26.10.09 14:27
It’s a great honor to me that i found you as my friend.
KatrinKaciOui - 13.10.09 01:21

Many thanks for the nice compliment....
I'm also very pleased to take you today,
and see your images.
Unfortunately I'm still a beginner and can not yet edit digital images.
But I hope that I will soon learn.
Best regards from eating much and keep new inspiration
Phantagrafix - 14.08.09 03:31
Thank you, FeliX!
I've been to Renderosity a few times, mostly through DAZ, excellent site for sure. But I never thought of an account there - sounds like a great idea. You have an impressive array of work there, and just the kind I like. Thanks for the information.
- Dave
FeliX_Reinhard_Horst - 13.08.09 22:40
Great erotic artwork & a great homepage ""!!!!!

Ever tried?:

It's a fine institution:
my work there:




Phantagrafix - 10.07.09 00:04

I know I've been doing a lot of pin-ups lately, but I'm going to try and post some comic pages soon, really!
Phantagrafix - 03.07.09 19:29
Thank you! 

Much appreciated, secretcircle!
toonsUp Member - 03.07.09 16:33
Oi David!

Thanks for adding me your work is reeeaaalllly hot
Volkertoons - 19.06.09 19:43
Moin David
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 16.06.09 22:07
Thank you 

Hi David,
thank you for your nice comments on toonsUp. There are not many american artists here, so I'm glad to see you around here even though the comments are mainly german.
I guess it's because we are not a company and don't have the time to write to many other artists...
Best, Ron.
SanKamo - 16.06.09 09:50
Thank you so much for your comments! I'm honored I really like your Artwork, so its something special to get complimented by you thank you!
Phantagrafix - 30.05.09 11:01
Sorry to have not posted for so long... I've uploaded a couple pin-ups, and will have some more in a bit.
Phantagrafix - 06.05.09 06:23
New Paranoia High webcomic posted! 

Just posted the latest Paranoia High webcomic:

Check it out when you get a chance.
SanKamo - 22.02.09 21:08
you're welcome
there's no other choice than putting you on the fanlist ;D
cwtoons - 08.02.09 10:14
Hi David, it´s not a problem to publish comics with adult content on toonsup. For example, have a look at "herve" and his gallery.
Lots of Linda-Law-Fans are waiting for more stuff!
PauerCmx (toonsUp team) - 07.02.09 21:23
Hey David,
Yes, I am positive that you can post them - even with "hardcore" content. Keep in mind, only users who have sent a digitally scanned copy of their ID to Ron (admin) will be able to view such comics. Just make sure to tag 'em (second page on upload form)
Phantagrafix - 22.01.09 05:35
E.H. JOES Giant Horny Stripper Finale! 

The last 2 pages are finished to the "Attack Of the Giant Horny Stripper" story and located here:
Written by Davis Dewsbury and Illustrated by me.
- Dave
Phantagrafix - 21.12.08 22:02
Thank you, DerAlbi, glad to hear. Same back to you. It may be shameless, but I DO love drawing Pin-ups. Thanks for looking.
Albi - 21.12.08 13:49
You do an excellent pin up work!
Love your stile
Phantagrafix - 17.12.08 10:41
Thanks for all the kind supportive words, always appreciated. You indeed have a great community here, I've enjoyed it right from the beginning, and you have MANY talented artists here, I'm more than impressed.
I DO have some thoughts and ideas I'd like to share with you, and I will write them up soon and send them to you, I can only hope anything I have to say will be helpful. In the meantime, I will place some links to the site in various places and mention it in some of the other forums I frequent, if that would be okay.
I agree, the language barrier is the first thing that comes to mind, as it makes communication (both ways) difficult for sure. Not sure what could be done in that regard.
Thanks for asking for my opinions, I will share them with you in greater detail soon, until then, I'll try to spread the word!
Made (toonsUp admin) - 14.12.08 13:08
Hello David, now we are friends too!

I am very delighted about your activities here at toonsUp, and of course about your strips with alle the girls with their big 'advantages' ;-)

I am here to ask you something: We would like to have much more american artists like you here in our community, but find it hard to get them. Our community was created right from the start with the idea to bring people of all nations together to share their creativity and ideas.
Sadly there are not so much artists from other countries up to now. Because of that conversations takes place mostly in german.

Do you have any ideas how we could call the attention of those other american artists? (And I know you have a lot good comic-drawers there - many many more than in germany).

Is there something we could improve on our plattform, to make it more attractive to english-speakers?
Is there something you miss?

Some ideas to this point would be very usefull to us.
malobi - 12.12.08 15:39
Thank you ! You are much more accomplished by me ! I have yet to use colour and make an actual comic strip which I havent yet! Very nice to make your acquaintance. malo
Volkertoons - 09.12.08 05:19

Hi David!

I just wanted to tell, that I translated many of my cartoons into english now (and I will continue) and put them into a separate english gallery here at toonsup. So they can be joined by an international audience now. Maybe you are interested to have a look?

I hope, the link is right :o)

Phantagrafix - 04.12.08 20:41
more stuff 

I have a few things I want to upload, just have to scan them in first, which can take a while. I do most of my drawings in ink on paper, and color (if applicable) on the computer.
Phantagrafix - 02.12.08 23:21
Thanks, Ron! Appreciated.
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 02.12.08 23:11
Hi David,
I deleted your EH JOES strips 12,13,14 as Davis has uploaded them, too. I added you as an artist, so you have all JOES now in your gallery
Have fun and thanks for those great strips!
Best, Ron.
Phantagrafix - 01.12.08 23:56

Posted strips 12, 13 & 14 of the "E.H. JOES" webcomic I draw, written by writer extraordinaire Davis Dewsbury from Canada. If it's cool with him I'll be posting a few more. And I want to say thanks to everyone here and for all the kind words. What an excellent place this is, with wonderful and talented people.
Volkertoons - 01.12.08 02:10
Yo! A little late welcome from me, too. Very cool stuff you're doing. Fine, that you're here. Feel like home :o)
PauerCmx (toonsUp team) - 29.11.08 11:03
Hey ho!
A warm welcome from me, too. Your artwork is fabulous and the comics are bursting with worthy gags! I appreciate your kind of comic art a lot.
Have a great time here on toonsup!
Phantagrafix - 29.11.08 00:54
Thanks Keller! And I appreciate the welcome and the kind words. I live in Middleport, New York, close to Niagara Falls. Looking forward to the community.
Keller - 29.11.08 00:45
Ha! Im' first! Welcome to Toonsup, the best comic community in the northern hemisphere!
Your style is great, your stories crazy. Respect for that. Where exactly do you come from?