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Volkertoons - 09.12.08 05:30

Hi Dave!

I just wanted to tell, that I translated many of my cartoons into english now (and I will continue) and put them into a separate english gallery here at toonsup. So they can be joined by an international audience now. Maybe you are interested to have a look?

I hope, the link is right :o)

toonsUp Member - 22.08.08 11:17
parker what's up? i don't know who blocked your lesbian march entry but i would move heaven and earth to see it. can you upload it elsewhere, where no censorship corrupts your works and post a link, or something?
thx in advance
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 11.02.08 22:43
Hi Dave,
you're right, that's strange that two Berlin sites start simultaniously.
But IMHO they look totally different
And although my name (Ronald Markworth) sounds english, i was born in Berlin, too! But my movie cartoons (you are a movie fan!?!) are all in english (for a broader audience), have you seen them?
Best, Ron.
parker - 11.02.08 12:54

Yours sounds like an English name yet almost everyone on Toonup appears to be German.
I have recently joined another Berlin based company,Toonpool,and almost everyone else is German!
I don't mind especially if something comes of this!
Best wishes,
Ron (toonsUp admin) - 11.02.08 12:39
Hi Dave,

welcome at ToonsUp - I'm very happy that you've joined this community!

If you set the "Date of creation" of your cartoons to the date you drew them, that'd be interesting to see (cause you've drawn cartoons for 50 years). Impressive number!

Best, Ron.