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Salas's Guestbook

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fine - 29.01.11 22:33
Hello Salass,

Are you okay? I miss you and your work!

HMercker - 07.02.10 20:06
Nice artwork! Greets, Hannes
fine - 03.02.10 22:15
Hello Salass, where are you?

I miss you! I hope you are ok!

greetings, fine
FeliX_Reinhard_Horst - 14.08.09 08:39
hello Armando,

thanks for looking by & your fine comment!.
Volkertoons - 09.12.08 05:27

Hi Armando!

I just wanted to tell, that I translated many of my cartoons into english now (and I will continue) and put them into a separate english gallery here at toonsup. So they can be joined by an international audience now. Maybe you are interested to have a look?

I hope, the link is right :o)

Volkertoons - 09.12.08 01:10
I also just used the Yahoo Bebelfish :o)
¡Manos para arriba! ¡Esto es un robo!
fine - 08.12.08 21:38
Welcome to the toonsup world:-)
I wish you a lot of fun! ,
and enjoy it!
Salas - 08.12.08 21:14
Just Babylon Dictionary, Volker :-) LOL!
I only can read and write few sentences in English language.
Volkertoons - 08.12.08 21:02
?Oh, usted está hablado alemán?
!Me sorprenden!
Salas - 08.12.08 20:23
Danke schön, Volker :-)
Volkertoons - 08.12.08 20:00
And a big welcome to you, Armando! Happy to see your works here on TonnsUp!
Salas - 07.12.08 16:07

Hello and welcome. Thank you for visiting, viewing and commenting.