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Every artist may state what kind of feedback he is especially pleased.
If you are paying attention to this advice, you can incorporate it in your comments.

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Leichnam - 02.03.19 22:10
Glück auf dem Harry mal wieder!
Leichnam - 10.06.18 11:36
Hey Harry - immer noch NO FEEDBACK? Why?

Rob - 07.03.17 07:00
Merci Harry!
cartoonharry - 19.09.16 11:48
wenn ich Zeit habe schau ich alles mal in Ruhe nach, danke danke, ich bin dein Fan
einstern - 16.09.16 15:00
Danke fürs Fan-sein
cartoonharry - 21.06.16 22:11
ich glaube in alle collections sind cartoons
einstern - 21.06.16 20:51
Oh, I have to speak English???? Öhm, why do you have 3 collections but not one picture in it? Sorry for my bad English...
SeplundPetra - 18.04.16 17:30
Thank you very much for calling me a "toonsup-friend"
toonsUp Member - 29.08.11 14:40
harry why du you draw such drutal pictures it is very sexy but icky ihhh but your pictures are steal nich bb
Hetsmidje - 01.10.10 11:53
goed bezig!! Zet je een idee meteen op papier?

gr Bart
Made (toonsUp admin) - 22.09.09 08:36
Hello Harry,

these are nice cartoons you uploaded already to this plattform.
I wanted to drop some lines to one of them but then saw that you deactivated the feedback for your works.
While it is completely ok to do so (this is why we have this mute-funtion). I just wanted to make sure, that you really choose this knowingly.

Anyway - have a lot of fun here at toonsUp

Martin (Made)