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Pauer (toonsUp team) - 12.12.08 16:05
That's great! My email adresse should show up on the profile, but if not then here's the spam-safe version:
paul - dot - erebus * AT * yahoo + dot + de

I understand that you are dubious about sending a printable file. However, I made the great experience that this community is rich with a lot of artists who are also fond of each others work as well. For instance, I've been exchanging drawings and comics digitally as well as printed versions with a comics artist and it was very inspiring.
You can be sure that I will print it once and only for me. I wouldn't share it anyway

Btw, I study in Linz, Austria and my greatest hope is to make a living by selling what I draw. I am far away from that, but it's a pretty nice illusion to keep you awake at night.
I also love Crumb, Will Eisner and all the other kick-ass REAL comic artists.
What are you doing for a living?
Pauer (toonsUp team) - 12.12.08 15:06
Kyoto picture 

It's an amazing job. I wonder how long it took you to finish it and if you had a photo to copy it from. You can most definitely call yourself an artist on a higher level.
What's that you were mentioning? It's free of charge on your - account??
Anyways, I am an art student with a limited budget so to speak, but I would most definitely reserve a place in my modest domicile for this great piece of art. Is there any way I could talk you into sending me a printable file of that? I would, of course, offer you a decent printable picture of choice in return, if you may accept this trade. It is all I can offer.

Best regards,