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sicfrog - 18.04.10 00:24
Wonker the animated feature 

a new animated thing based on an older flip cartoon i did in the 80's

you tube wouldn't allow the soundtrack so i uploaded it to facebook instead.
sicfrog - 05.10.09 08:15
Today's Picks 

My things have been showing up frequently in the "Today's Picks" section.
Not bad for a silly-ass unprofessional hack that doesn't speak the language that 90% of the people here do.
I personally thank all of you who are paying attention.
sicfrog - 18.08.09 08:54
Frogs Anonymous 

Another fun animated cartoon.
this time with frogs,...and beer.
sicfrog - 17.07.09 19:54
Frogs Anonymous 

if it's at all possible,try not to criticize the artwork. i am well aware that these are low quality drawings and dpi, alot of these were drawn 20+ years ago when i was still in school.
Made (toonsUp admin) - 14.07.09 10:09
Great video! Very cute and funny
sicfrog - 14.07.09 08:27
The nom nom song
Made (toonsUp admin) - 13.07.09 16:27
Hello dave,

welcome to toonsUp. I am very glad that you found the way to us. Your cute and sexy ladies fit just perfect to our site. Very much appreciated

Martin (Made)
Phantagrafix - 10.07.09 18:42
Hey there! 

Great to see you here!