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simonmackie - 13.03.16 23:47
Thanks Grasic. It just so happens that I HAVE completed an 82 page graphic novel with the esteemed cartoonist and writer Ben Rowdon. We're holding out to find the right publisher. Those interested may contact me via my message board on toonsup. No time wasters please.
Grasic - 13.03.16 23:18
Great diversified work. Deep philosophical basis with profound knowledge of human nature and, in spite of that, cheerfulness that many modern comic authors lack. It is pity that you do not engage in comic novels.
lynilon - 13.07.11 08:31
Dear simonmackie,
I`m really glad that you took me as a friend, especially because I admire your stile a lot. And i like your English humor....
jah - 29.12.08 20:39
hi simon!
thanks for adding me!
I see you've loaded up the whole bikini-blow-up story again, but still as six separate uploads.
for comics with more than one page, it's always better to group all files/pages in one upload, so people can read all pages in correct order and don't miss a part of the story. that would be a shame, because your comic is really great.

i look forward to more stuff from you!
Made (toonsUp admin) - 26.12.08 00:27
Hello Simon,

I am happy that you followed my invitation so quickly.
Look around and enjoy the time in our community :-)