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Help for toonsUp

If you have questions or problems on the toonsUp website find help here.


Most of the fields and functions in toonsUp can explain theirselfes.
You'll find a small question mark icon behind them. If you click it, a detailed description will pop up.
Check it out:
Example field
Description of example field or function...


If you have furthermore questions or problems, you can always ask our motivated team.
These are normal long time users and arists who like to help others.
You can write to each of them and ask your questions or describe your problem.
Click on 'write private message' at the respective homepage.

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If you find bugs or have technical questions, you can turn to the administrators and creators of toonsUp. They always have an open ear for you too.

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As an alternative to toonsUp private messages you can describe your problem by e-mail.
Write to the following address: